Visiter Perigueux-EN

Photo by Matthew Morgan

You are very welcome to the beautiful city of Perigueux, the home of our choir
just 1 hour 30 mins drive from Limoges airport or 50 minutes from Bergerac airport. There are direct trains from Limoges station

Périgueux is a town in the Dordogne region of southwestern France. It’s known for the landmark Saint-Front Cathedral, with domes and turrets. The Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum contains an excavated Roman house with the remains of baths and murals. In front is the Tour de Vesoné, part of a ruined Gallo-Roman temple. The Périgord Museum of Art and Archaeology has ancient artifacts, African sculptures and modern paintings

In and around Périgueux, the visitor discovers the secret garden of Périgord: majestic castles, traces of medieval or Renaissance history, cathedrals, abbeys and priories, witnesses of a strong spiritual life, rub shoulders with lands and fields where noble products such as strawberries, truffles and ceps are born. And between two waters, the sturgeon produces its precious eggs. (excerpts courtesy of Google and La ville de Perigueux office de tourisme)

Just a few of my personal favourites in the town;-

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Places nearby to visit;-

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